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10Star's highly innovative and dedicated design team will keep you up to date on emerging trends, products, and the latest fabrics and materials. With over 30 graphic designers, 10Star will engage you in every stage of the design and creation process

10Star is one of the largest screen-printing and embroidery factories in the United States. With over 250,000 square feet of production space, 10Star handles everything in-house and produces more than 1,500,000 shirts a year.

10Star's large warehouse size allows for world-class shipping and fulfillment services. Our fulfillment department ships out more than 10 million products a year. By pairing production with fulfillment, 10Star offers the fastest delivery times and lowest shipping costs.

10Star provides custom online solutions for every business. In addition, 10Star's state of the art production facility uses the latest innovations in design, printing, embroidery, production, and fulfillment.

All of 10Star's services are backed by an exceptional customer service and support team to make sure every order runs smoothly. Our goal is to save you money and take the stress out of ordering.






"These Vintage 9 Nike polos provided by 10Star Apparel are the highest
quality and feel great. These guys not only deliver premier products, but
they are easy to work with and always have top of the line apparel."
-- Brian Hunter, 2x MLB Basestealing Champion

"10Star gets my vote for clothing company MVP."
-- Kevin Mitchell, National League MVP

"Comfortable, light, very well designed... 10Star does a top-notch
job with top-notch gear. I can immediately see why companies are
switching their business to work with 10Star."
-- Rollie Fingers, Hall of Fame Pitcher

"10Star has an unbeatable level of customer service. They are,
hands down, the best in the business."
-- Dr. John Elliott, Professor & Performance Consultant

"It's rare to meet an athlete with a work ethic like Chase Daniel's. His drive
and positive attitude is contagious to everyone in the company."
-- Mike Chaffin, Musician Nelly's Business Manager


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